Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli belongs to Brassicaceae Family or cabbage family of the genus Brassica which gives it the scientific name Brassica oleracea. The name Broccoli comes from the Italian word broccolo and means the flowering crest of a cabbage.

The origins of Broccoli can be traced back to the Roman Empire. Someone then cultivated it in the south of Italy/Sicily and from there it spread to northern Europe and North America.


alfalfa and broccoli sprouts


Health Benefits of Broccoli Sprouts

The discovery of glucoraphanin (a precursor to sulforaphane) at Johns Hopkins University, a phytochemical that is very effective in fighting diseases and is found in a high concentration in the sprouts of Broccoli seeds, has boosted the interest in sprouting Broccoli seeds. 

Broccoli sprouts help to fight carcinogens, boost the immune system and prevent cells from becoming malignant. Studies have shown promising results in skin-, breast- and prostate cancer amongst others.

By enhancing the intestinal immune system and ensuring a bacterial balance in the intestines, Broccoli sprouts are also effective in case of intestinal disorders. The strong antioxidant activity of the sprouts supports normal brain development and is believed to be effective against developing Autism in young children. By lowering the triglyceride level as well as the blood pressure, Broccoli sprouts help prevent strokes, heart attacks and atherosclerosis.


How to Grow Broccoli Sprouts at Home

Broccoli sprouts are often readily available in the supermarket. But they can be expensive and they are much lower in nutrients due to the time it takes until they end up on your plate. The best option is to grow your own broccoli sprouts at home.


Sprouting Jar


Broccoli seeds can easily be sprouted (or germinated) at home. All you need is water, a jar and a sprouting lid to rinse and drain the seeds during germination. One tablespoon of the seeds will produce about three cups of sprouts, so you really don’t need many seeds.

Make sure they are stored in a cool and dark place until the first sprouts start appearing. Then you can place them in a sunny place. Once the sprouts turn to a dark green color (after about three days) it is ideal to harvest them. By rinsing them regularly (twice to three times a day) during that time you avoid decay and ensure a healthy, delicious harvest. 

For a complete guide on how to grow sprouts at home, take a look here.


How do Broccoli Sprouts Taste?

The flavor of Broccoli sprouts is slightly earthy and peppery. Overall they taste very mild and fresh, similar to radish sprouts. They actually taste not at all like broccoli, making them a fantastic alternative for anyone who does not like the taste of broccoli. 


How to Eat Broccoli Sprouts

The earty, peppery flavor makes broccoli sprouts a great addition to:


They also taste delicious when seasoned with some garlic salt and eaten by themselves.


sandwich with broccoli sprouts



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